and so we began the month on a loose-end sunday
peering at autumn (really?) through butterfly wings
+ turning a blind eye to all the housework   ; )

[ i still have some images from mauritius,
  i hope you'll bear with me ]


Demetris said...

How beautiful! She looks fresh and happy. Feels more like the coming of spring looking at her photos...I know it is still summer where you are!
See you soon

eau de nil said...

D mou > looking so forward! and you can take what summer we have left back with you )

Metaxi Mas said...

my favourite a., she is so pretty, always, but especially in these pictures.
we miss you already

Amélie said...

She's such a beautiful buterfly. And the photo so poetic.

paula said...

oh! the carefree days of childhood ... hold on onto them for as long as you can *

Valerie said...

yes she's beautiful. and lucky to have such a beautiful soul as a mamma.