the des songes blanc  |  grand wu long  |  yunnan white jasmine

thank you for minding my thirst dearest vibeke,
i fill my cup in the evenings while a. is going to sleep
and take it into the drawing rooms of moscow and st petersburg
(looking for something long and deep to submerge in
/the sea was not an option/ i dived into war and peace  
-  me who hasn't read for so long  - 
and who knows when i'll next come up for air .   .    .   )

i felt autumn chill my shoulder tonight
so now i know it's just waiting in the wings .    .       .



j said...

war and peace is a journey worth taking
love tolstoy
xo, j

eau de nil said...

j > yes, dear j, and think it's good to travel this journey at every age to be touched by different things.