we each bought something at the weekend [ HERS + hers ]
+ a clump of echinaceas. they lifted our chins a bit *


played with some japanese paper, getting the feel .   .        .
i knew it would be soothing.

hope you've had a soft start to the week )


paula said...

lovely images + lovely feelings ++ a wonderful day to you *

v said...


j said...

paper whispers when it crumbles
and it's good to watch something grow...
xo, j

shipbuilding said...

Gosh, that is so true. Paper does whisper when it crumbles.

I passed on an award to your gorgeous blog.
Please do not feel obliged to play along.
It's just nice for me to be able to include you in my list of favourites : )

k x

coco said...

glad to hear you are doing good. is that washi paper?

eau de nil said...

p > thank you - and to you. thinking words for your little blue-rimmed cup . . .

v > thank you for the loose-leaf love in the post! (about to put stamps on mine)

j > a beautiful thought, it's exactly what it does!

k > i'm moved + honoured - and so glad to receive this nod and smile at this time, especially from someone i admire so much. thank you!

c > it is, white + perfect in itself.

Alison said...

I love the plants that you got. They seem so small but perfect for a windowsill or shelf space.

eau de nil said...

A > they are minute but you are right they add that little detail - mine on a shelf, hers on a windowsill! so nice to see you here )

Valerie said...

very often simple things are the best
and yes i do agree with these words : paper whispers :) indeed

eau de nil said...

they are, and they are always around, available :)