that quiet pause between the moment the little whirlwind 
leaves for school and the litany of daily chores begins   .    .        .

good morning !



olga inoue said...

beautiful good morning xenia

we had a chores list in our school
hanging on the white closet door
with same shadows and every day
it was waiting for whirlwinds to come
and look at it


Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear X,
do you know how I love that special moment?!
Drawing a breathe. Having coffee. Just looking, marveling at the play of light.

You've captured it marvellous.
Thank you for that good morning...


vingtseptembre said...

It's been raining for ages ... I wish I could have that light too !

coco said...

good morning to you to xenia. i see the warm comfy morning.

j said...

good morning dear...
xo, j

Anonymous said...

beautiful light on the table.

Anonymous said...


Amélie said...

Oh! such a wonderful moment of peace. Good morning! and in such a light the morning indeed shall be good.

a girl behind a camera said...


how i LOVE the light and shadows that play together in this photo... thank you for sharing :)
i hope you are having a beautiful day,

Demetris said...

Καλημέρα Ξ μου....ακούω την ησυχία

shipbuilding said...

so beautiful...happy sunday morning to you : )

Patrice A. said...

beautiful image
and comforting
I can smell the coffee