what if
the first raindrops fell
it's still so hot and humid .   .      .

but the early evenings
are bathed in soft 'wolf-light'
making it almost worthwhile.



vingtseptembre said...

We call it here "entre chien et loup", my favourite light ...

eau de nil said...

s > mine too, especially if i happen to catch it in the mountains.


j said...

i've never heard the term before but how appropriate
your photos are always so special
xo, j

Amélie said...

serene and beautiful. I like this hour of the day too. Your compositions are always like a Haiku.

eau de nil said...

j > A > thank you, it means a lot, what you say.

olga inoue said...

and we have a
nice word for it -
сумерки - sumerki

such a peaceful hour,

eau de nil said...

and ours is λυκόφως - lykofos
the world seems more spacious then,
wide open.