some old flowers on the way to be thrown out .   .     .

i mentally framed some beautiful images on the school run today against slate sky + rain that i would have loved to snap but i didn't have the camera and so i remember them all distinctly - because i do think that sometimes by taking a photograph we may let go of the memory



Anonymous said...

I agree. sometimes best to keep the 'photo' private with oneself

Amélie said...

yes photography changes the memories. I also often remember vividly those rare and precious lights missed by my camera but not by my heart.
old flowers too beautiful to be throuwn away...

olga inoue said...

xenia, yes. so true

the same i feel when
film is overexposed with sun
and there only white
surface, our eye and soul
have captured the image
better, for always

Nxxx said...

So true... But at the same time, I feel that by taking a photo is one way to share that mental picture with others!!! The "game" between memory and the "clicks" is ongoing throughout our lives! That's the magic...