a pause to be with friends,
remember what's important
+ restore some energy
with this chocolate cake almost made of silk.

the days are soggy, busy, grateful
i hope you're bearing up!


v said...

here these days:
taking it slow and remembering what this time of year actually is all about....
..one of the precious gifts found in the midst of this tough and challenging experience of having this weak and sensitive body that i have is the
simplicity and slow pace that fills my days...i really get to FEEL and BE in the depths of the peace and joy that this season is supposed to be about...i feel deeply lucky and grateful for that..this time of year brings with a message of hope like never before for me...

may this be a season that you and your loved ones will be embraced by peace and joy my friend,


Patrice A. said...


your posts
always calm me

remembering what
is important
enjoying what is

Patrice A.

Anonymous said...

can you sen me a tiny piece of this?
yum yum!

enjoy every moment these festive days!


eau de nil said...

v > thank you for these thoughts, so timely + welcome, and my warm wish to you

PA > your art does the same for me

E > do give it a try! i wish you joy too

Line+Liv said...

... mmh hopefully some day we enjoy this cake together ... Merry Christmas, wlove Wiebke

eau de nil said...

L+L > what a lovely thought, Wiebke! and warm wishes to you too