such a studious look
wasted on a digital camera game ; )
+ can you see the migraine on my forehead?
still, it was a beautiful day at our friends'.

i've been keeping away from my new work tool/toy for a bit
it's woken up painful memories of tendon strain
but my hands are keeping busy )

hope you're enjoying the weekend .   .     .



Metaxi Mas said...

You will create poetry with your new 'toy'. That is a certainty and there are not many certainties in life.

Demetris said...

So good to see you both! Your blog brings some serenity to my busy weekend at work...

Patrice A. said...

hello you
so good to see you
I now what that is

when our sons were younger
they made things of wood and paper
but now they are older they are
like most kids very into computer
I miss those early days

happy sunday!
Patrice A.

la casita said...

Hello! :)

paula said...

hope your migrane is just a faint memory very soon . . . keep well and busy . enjoy! *

Anonymous said...

what a great new tool/toy!!!!
wishes for a good new week!

olga inoue said...

xenia, i am coming back here
to see you, you are beautiful
just like all surroundings of

i hope today your
migraine is long gone