a little worry bead thingy (begleri) 'she' made for K's birthday 
so he can fidget with something other than our hair clips * 
she loved peeling back the tape to reveal the half-naked beads,
like phases of the moon.

we hope it won't become an all-consuming new hobby + 
    that he will also use it as a bookmark (ideally with a bead at either end)


la casita said...

so simple, so beautiful! (and useful)

sanaeishida.com said...

Your creations are always so lovely -- exquisite + simplicity

Anonymous said...

it's beautiful xenia!!!!
and the bookmark idea so great!!!!

Camila Faria said...

Oh, how gorgeous! I love the simplicity of it.


olga inoue said...


have never seen-heard
of such a thing. simply
beautiful, as always, xenia

j said...

so lovely
my hands are always fiddling about too

paula said...

so pure + beautiful . . . like everything you do!

justine said...

Love your peaceful world (at least the one online).

nicole said...

Ooh, I love this as a bookmark!