this handwoven linen and hemp face cloth from avalanche looms
is probably the softest textile i've ever touched
and perfect in every way, like only nature can be

thank you so much, Susan*


eau de nil's contribution to a butterfly in my hair advent calendar
on its way to a raincloud .   .    .

[photo 1: avalanche looms]


Metaxi Mas said...

Beautiful what you make. Will you let us know when you open a shop (you mentioned this on your blog and on designskool) so I can order your garland in bulk? I would want one in every room in my house. Thank you for posting such lovely pictures.

sanaeishida.com said...

Beautiful garland - so delicate and elegant! Coincidentally I bought some white clay this weekend (the oven bake kind though). I'm feeling inspired by your beauties!

Anonymous said...

beautiful work from avalanche looms.

and your garland, so simple and lovely!


Jules said...

I just stumbled upon your beautiful postings and inspirational words. I look forward every week to the slice of beauty you share with your readers :) I too love your garlands and look forward to a shop!

Jules said...

Thank you for sharing a beautiful piece of your world! Will the garlands be available someday, they are wonderful:)