at random moments
a. + i pause at the window
overlooking the garden
and watch the weather go by

it readjusts the perspectives i find
between our little life
and the bigger scheme of things,
the never-ending sun
that at least no one can take away
from us



paula said...

a beautiful moment above everything . . . *

Nxxx said...

the crease on a's trousers in the back reminds me of looking at you from behind!!!! i miss you and love you both sis and your mini you!!!

Anonymous said...

nice to see these beautiful photos

Patrice A. said...

beautiful images
beautiful girls
and yet also a bit
i think of you
and cyprus
the island we
want to visit
maybe next year

Patrice A.

Amélie said...

beautiful pictures. beautiful moments of peace and light at the window. Take care.

la casita said...

i cannot express words, my rage is so big that I can only think of bad words...courage, you are right, they cannot touch the sun and i must add they have to die too like all us mortals, if only they could remember that... X

j said...

strength and courage to you and your family.
such beautiful photos...two beautiful girls.
keeping you in my thoughts and lots of love

Demetris said...

Thinking of you a lot...