not an easy place to be
right now the little island
with its unsettling winds + saharan dust
and stuck as it is between a rock + a hard place 

and among all that a birthday
for which i chose (perhaps subconsciously?)
this cocoon ring by iro.



Metaxi Mas said...

Happy birthday +
we all think about what is going on in your island,
a lot of strength to everybody.

Ariane Reichardt said...

With the news of your island,
dear Xenia,
you are on my mind.

You have taken a marvellous picture... in all shades of life.

That ring is simply beautiful
Am I right... for yourself...
Happy Birthday... wish you all the best and

xo Ariane.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to you! good luck with the dust etc. and have a fun day!

Patrice A. said...

dear xenia
i am thinking of you
and your island today
you have posted a beautiful image
and write true words
not an easy place to be

besides that

Patrice A.

Camila Faria said...

Happy birthday! ♥

That cocoon ring is absolutely gorgeous!


Amélie said...

delicate beauty at your hand. Happy birtday dear Xenia. On an uneasy day. Cyprus was on the news all day, I was thinking of you.
A beautiful photo of the sand storm though, love the shades of pink.

la casita said...

Happy Birthday Xenia! What a beautiful ring... X

Louise said...

I wish you a happy birthday, and have Cyprus and your difficulties in my thoughts. x

justine said...

Yes, with all the news. I've been thinking of you.

And Happy Birthday.

eau de nil said...

thank you all for the good wishes,
you've cheered me up
we're trying our best to hold onto our humour -
especially today when K broke his hand!


Anonymous said...

so bad news the last days for cyprus.
so sad what's happening.

the cocoon ring is so delicate
and pretty.
happy birthday dear xenia!
many good wishes to you!

j said...

Have been following your island's situation on the news and hoping for the best.
Sorry about K's hand...so much to deal with now.

The ring is perfect, like it was made for you!
Happy Birthday, dear one.

Will keep you and your family in my thoughts.
Just as bad things may happen so is the potential for something grand to occur.

sanae (sanaeishida.com) said...

Happy belated birthday, Xenia! Your ring is beautiful and my thoughts are with you during tese tumultuous times. And I hope K is OK!