like every year 
our wisteria is the last one to bloom on the block
one flower, here and there a promise of leaves 
it's taking its time to bed in

+ the rain is done, it seems
first day in short sleeves
and a drink with friends in the garden,
old men gather to chat at the crossroads
the long summer, it's almost here



Demetris said...

Ah...the long summer! How I miss those blazing hot days....

shipbuilding said...

beautiful...just beautiful

we are in the first flush of winter here
soup for lunch today, eaten inside
and it looks like it might rain
the garden will be pleased

k x

la casita said...

Despite all, your corner looks so peaceful. Enjoy the long Summer...

Amélie said...

So beautiful. From my childhood - when I used to live by a giant one... in spring turning our house into a flower palace, suspended meadows of scented blue - wisteria is my favourite flower for ever. We have a very small one here, longing for spring ... there will be five flowers this year.