a while ago
i saw this flower project on the net
so we spent the afternoon picking wild + cultivated flowers 
from our garden, then the street

but like me she was drawn to the dry grasses
my reluctant model
with a chocolate mouth
and a toothless gap (already!)

i want to remember her
kicking off her wellies and lying back on the bench
by the defunct railway line
her eyes scanning the vast blue 
and her surprise that there wasn't a single cloud in the sky



sanae (sanaeishida.com) said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous! What lovely photos of your lovelies :-)

Amélie said...

Love your flower project (we'll try it too). Love her laught. Moment of joy and beauty.

la casita said...

carpe diem...in both meanings ;)
beautiful toothless smile

Demetris said...

Awesome flower project...good to see A smiling and her toothless gap...it will be filled in no time!

Anonymous said...

look how many different flowers!-
and what a happy feeling in the last foto!

olga inoue said...

oh! we've done it
so many times, xenia

one of the favourite exercises ever

and so great to see a's laughter

j said...

I can hear her laughter...
Thank you for the beautiful photos.
xo, j