we woke up disoriented today
summer in april 
the heat dry, penetrating
burning everything
delicate garden flowers torched

it's not that i don't like colour
but at home neutral against white
cools me down, leaves space to breathe 

hope it's fresher where you are!

>  detail of old linen cushion i embroidered many years ago
>  sake jug (used mostly as a vase for the flowers a. picks me)
>  a trivet i made with wooden beads and leather (like here + here)

> flensted mobile in a's room
> a feather from a's collection on the (scratched) stone floor



la casita said...

Love to see al the little details in your home.

la casita said...

I missed an l...

Amélie said...

your stone floor is marvellous.
we have winter in spring. cold heavy rain and fire in the wood stove.
love the dragonfly embroidery and the delicate flying boats. did you made these?

Demetris said...

It is cooler where I am but not as "cool" as your lovely home....and those soothing relaxing neutral colours....Happy Orthodox Easter!

Patrice A. said...

we have the sun but not the heat
when i look outside it looks
like summer but it's so cold
i want to walk bare foot
no boots or coat...
your images are lovely
as always

Patrice A.

Anonymous said...

summer warm here too...!-
i like the embroidery-
and a happy may!

sanae (sanaeishida.com) said...

I love them all but the trivet and mobile have stolen my heart!

j said...

I love the dragonfly!
You should definitely do more embroidery.
Hope the heat passes and you get a bit more of spring.
It's picture book perfect here.
xo, j

WSAKE said...

oh no
it´s fresh and rainy here
plants are loving it very much

hopefully teh weather is getting
more bearable where you are

such sweet pictures

martine said...

here it is cold! I like your photos and the atmosphere of your blog, amitié, Martine

eau de nil said...

l c > and i in yours :)

A > i only made the dragonfly, the viking ships mobile is by flensted (you can click on the link)

D > χρόνια πολλά!

P > i love those cold light days but i do understand the craving for warmth - just not this much!

E > καλό μήνα και σε σένα :)

s > the mobile hangs over her bed, always travels on a gentle sea

j > dear j, thank you, it's been a long while i haven't done it, my hands have missed it.

W > so glad your plants are happy, ours are lowering their heads, but then there's the lavender, the bougainvillaea, the jasmine - they're taking over.

m > thank you, so good to see you here, hope it warms up soon, just not this much :)