we are back and it was good!
trying to fit into the routine again
but it feels a little tight  .    .     .

i'll gather a few 'postcards' to share 
soon, hope you've been well!



la casita said...

missing you! happy you are back...hope the routine will be settled soon.

j said...

I understand how difficult it is to get back into a routine!
Can't wait to see your postcards.
Hope you had a great time.
xo, j

Patrice A. said...

welcome home


Metaxi Mas said...

We missed your poetry on our screen. Glad you are back. xxxxx

Anonymous said...

it's very hard going back to routine
after a beautiful trip,
when the memories are still so fresh.
welcome back xenia!

olga inoue said...

welcome back, dear xenia

Demetris said...

Great eye X!