before the memories fade completely
some parma greys .    .     .

.     .       .      and ochres, of course

flower-shaped ice cream  
wide, theatrical squares to run free in 
a borrowed dog for company
we were happy to see our friends again
and do very, very little

then we took the train to paris



sanae (sanaeishida.com) said...

Stunningly beautiful! Hope you had a magical trip Xenia!

la casita said...

glad you had sunshine!
sweet memories to treasure.

shipbuilding said...

yes, beautiful
those parma greys
and the joy of ice cream
especially when it's chocolate

k x

j said...

The cool quiet of Parma, you captured it wonderfully!
I can't wait!
xo, j

Amélie said...

the magic of lines and colours... so peaceful too. looking at your beautiful images, i'm longing for Italy, its wondering wanderings and fabulous ice creams.

Demetris said...

Beautiful photos depict great times...wherever you are!

eau de nil said...

s > yes, magical - and already so distant!

l c > torrential downpours too but more difficult to photograph :)

s > i'd been dreaming of that chocolate ice cream since our last visit 6 years ago :)

j > thank you, hope you weren't disappointed!

A > there is no place like it, is there? something about fitting straight in . . .

D > i'd love a trip with all of us there