/   baby steps towards an old/new project .   .      .  

//  'draw me something to colour in mummy', she said,

///  the barefoot ballerina who'd been off school for 3 days, fluttering about in fairy 
      wings a little bored, perhaps, but still in love with the endless possibilities of home.
      so if you squint at no2 you'll see a cartoon of a little person bravely carrying 
      her childhood burdens (before a. was born i used to think this was a purely
      carefree time, i know much better now) her prickly temper on top :)

the nights have been delicious, cool and breezy, rustling palms, a faint scent of jasmine
but it's hotting up,  36C today .     .       .

a great week to you!



la casita said...

I'm looking at a striped grey and pink sky right now, as night descend and I have a blanket on my lap...enjoy the joys of summer and the joys ( and burdens) of childhood...I had to squint hard to see the image ;)

Anonymous said...

the project looks interesting!
hot days suddenly...
wish you a beautiful tuesday evening!

Line+Liv said...

enjoy the day, the summer and your love ! kisses from a rainy warm thunder evening

j said...

I love the smell of night jasmine...
Thank you for sharing such a perfect moment.
The drawing is great and the project exciting!
fairy wings and tulle...wonderful
xo, j