today a little paper boat
arrived and unloaded
a cargo of wonderful gifts
and friendship

dear amelie, elsa, this was so thoughtful and unexpected
thank you, we're already building houses and butterflies!

+  for those who like their landscapes mountainous and empty



Patrice A. said...

every time
i so much enjoy
the sphere of your world
the white
the silence
so calming
thank you!

Amélie said...

i'm so happy that one of these paper boats of mine has found his home in your home, in the summer of cyprus, in the most graceful hands.
thank you for the landscapes, fascinating.

Anonymous said...

what a pretty little boat
and beautiful landscapes!

yukino said...

this makes me smile and
reminds me of the days
i was repeating folding origami
everyday, like my son does everyday.
(mainly origami planes now, not boats ))

origami paper with beautiful prints
was special for me and i kept it for long
as a treasure (!) without folding,
usually we used plain color papers, so...

don't you think this pretty boat
can be a tiny sailor hat for your
daughter's little mouse, too?
(or it's too big/small?, oh it's kidding, shame me..)

good day to you, Xenia.

coco said...

love the last photo.
the dyeing fabric, couln't wait till tomorrow, so i am knitting as i speak.
thanks for the sweet note on my b.