the beaches were crowded this hot, long weekend
so we retreated to the mountains to be cool and quiet.
this was in the evening on the way back to town,
a full day-moon rising .  .    .



Leah said...

such beautiful pictures and pretty story.

Ariane Reichardt said...

Oh.. and with stars, too... dear X,
love your quietness, that calm in your beautiful photos. The bird in the mountains... wanna enter your pic.
That 'super-moon' at solstice, that one who is the closest to the earth this year, has been so magical, right?


j said...

Lovely photos, I can hear the crackle of heat!
And that super moon
xo, j

Line+Liv said...

Amazing pictures ! Send us sun please, we have only rain in Northern Europe ! smile + love W.

Amélie said...

oh! this looks like a hot summer day... something precious around here (we've been having non stop cold rain for days and days and days...). Thank you for this magical summer sky dear xenia.

Demetris said...

Beautiful summer skies and landscapes...nostalgia is setting in

Patrice A. said...

beautiful images
of a summerday
i love the light
can feel the warmth
and yes
your images are
so calming
and quiet

love them!

eau de nil said...

thank you all for the kind words! i wish i could cut out a big square of these skies for those who need it. a square or two of rain in return would be lovely :)

eau de nil said...

D > not long now . . .