gathering in the seeds to eat + to plant out again next year: 

/   nigella sativa or black cumin, so delicate and prolific, here we sprinkle it on bread

// papaver setigerum, the one we picked wild from the side of the road many years ago 
    and has followed us from garden to garden. it's also happily disseminating
    itself all over the neighbourhood

a happy month to you!



Demetris said...

Happy July to you!

j said...

always such beautiful photos!
happy July to you, dear one.
xo, j

Anonymous said...

καλό μήνα ξενία!

la casita said...

there's something to learn in each of your posts. happy july to you too x

Amélie said...

So precious. Aren't they nice, the nigella? the papaver?
Happy july dear Xenia.

Camila Faria said...

They look so beautiful! <3


eau de nil said...

thank you dear all of you,
such a cool start to the month
we dare not quite believe it !