we're back home .   .    .

which is, of course, so much more than walls and floors
it's family and friends, a language, a sky
one's own silence
this little space shared with you -
it's good to be here again, hope you've been well


Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Xenia,
bloglive goes on as live does. Often with repetitions... its difficult to find something new when one is only on the old, known trace. But sometimes only a little sidestep, click opens view and mind. As your blog does to me, welcome back!

xo Ariane.

shipbuilding said...

it's good you are back

k x

Demetris said...

Welcome home! It is so good to have you back! We missed you X!

Nxxx said...

Dear sister! So good to have u back here... Can't wat to see pictures from your recent adventures!

Camila Faria said...

Welcome back to your little corner of the world! Feels good, right?


eau de nil said...

thank you dear all of you, it does feel good :)

la casita said...

hello Xenia :)