in the forests of england  .     .        .

where we spent much of our summer.



Lea said...

absolutely magical...it was such a treat to get to see you xxx

olga inoue said...

it is so so nice
to have you back
dear xenia

and these trees and
fields, so unusual
surroundings but yet
so suitable for both
of you

Anonymous said...

beautiful. love the red :)

shipbuilding said...

the forest is a magical place
and here we see
a reminder of Little Red Riding Hood ; )

k x

Anonymous said...

welcome back dear xenia!
beautiful forests!
and this little deer :)
καλό μήνα!

j said...

Welcome back dear one.
I know others have used this same term but the photos are completely magical!
Sigh...thank you for them as I start my day.
Hope you are happy and well.
xo, j

eau de nil said...

L > it was magical to see you :)

O+K > one day i really wouldn't mind a longer spell in those forests and meadows, yes, it feels like belonging

m > so does she finally, a nice change from pink :) i loved the photos from your holiday, fresh and carefree.

E > καλό μήνα και σε σένα, Ευδοκία μου, one of the little deer tried to become friends but it was a bit clumsy, head-butting and chewing hair :)

j > thank you, you would have loved the wild raspberries x

Amélie said...

A forest of children fairy tale. Enchanted. Dark. Circled by golden fields... and little red riding hood skiping along.
I hope you've had wonderful time there.
Welcome back!