very cold days and nights, so unusual for us
as if we're borrowing someone else's weather

a.'s simple lanterns, made with just pin pricked paper
and a jar, i was so surprised by their warm glow



Patrice A. said...

your images and words
so gentle and delicate
and that light
it's always a pleasure
to come here


Amélie said...

simple things are the most beautiful
from spring-like shines, your lights have turned wintery
yet always delicate and soft
your greys as ever have my heart.

Anonymous said...

so cold here too.
a's lanterns are lovely!
maybe try to make some little holes so the light will make nice shadows in the room?

eau de nil said...

PA > thank you dear Patrice, always such good words

A > dear Amelie, maybe they are a bit easier to find in the winter when the blue recedes a little . . .

E T > ναι! if you enlarge the photo you will see the little holes + yes, they do throw nice shadows across the room :)

Anikó said...

could it be that you guys are borrowing weather from finland? - we had a rainy and warmish, rubbish winter weather so far. i really would like some staying snow and a bit sharper endge in the air - proper frost and ice! :)
beautiful simplicity to those lanterns.
visiting through Evdokia :)
greetings, Aniko

Camila Faria said...

Beautiful paper lanterns, so simple and perfect.


la casita said...

I like the minimalism of those lanterns. Like mother, like daughter ;)

coco said...

your little bird arrived to me today. thank you for your thoughtfulness.

Demetris said...

Beautiful light of the lanterns. I love the dusting of frost on the plants...better than 30cm of snow! Keep warm.

Kenza said...

Precious and so tender. I love coming here, thank you.