we've been battling a virus with old-fashioned remedies
like olive leaf tea and bowls of steam
i think we're finally winning :)

what's left of your chrysanthemums, Δ μου
we loved them, thank you



Demetris said...

I hope that you are feeling better already! Did I leave a viral present with my visit too?

WSAKE said...

get well soon! i´m fighting the same battle:)

la casita said...

Glad you feel better Xenia xx

Amélie said...

i've always loved chrysanthemums
and even more the delicate colours of yours
take care and recover dear xenia
(i'll remember the olive leaf tea for my next virus:))

Kenza said...

I hope you are all well soon.
Such delicate Chrysanthemum… Thank you.

justine said...

feel better!

Patrice A. said...

glad you feel better
your chrysanthemums still look lovely
as is the weather!
so bright
thank you!!
you mail came today ;^)))

and a big hug

eau de nil said...

D > no, this was the one a. brought home from school :)

W > oh no, hope you're better!

l c | A | K | j | P A > we're a lot better, thank you!

Anonymous said...

such a beautiful cup with chrysanthemums!
were you better today?

p.s. it is here!!!! x