a walk alone
in the soggy streets - winter again!

and suddenly it occurred to me
she has outgrown all the small
parks of the neighbourhood where
we've been swinging, swaying and see-sawing 
since she was born
and i was taken by surprise



a l m a . said...


i m impressend!

all the best
and have a nice week.


Anonymous said...

I love taking walks alone. It's relaxing.

shipbuilding said...

the pink, the blue, the grey
it is all so lovely
she may have outgrown them
but they will be in her heart forever
not just the swings but the moments
and you will find new places to discover
...together : )

k x

Amélie said...

i also was surprised
as i went back to the parks we used to play around when she was a toddler.
what a precious promenade you offer us here. every detail, every coulour is lovaly.

Patrice A. said...

they grow more quickly
than we want
i often say that
my arms are still so that they both fit
while I read them a book on the sofa
sweet memories ;^))

kim is right
it's in her heart
and you will make new memories

i so, so enjoy your images
inside and now outside
both so calm and southing

thank you!

Patrice A. said...



Anonymous said...

you saw beautiful things in your walk :)
first two are my favorite.

la casita said...

and it happens all of a sudden.
thank you for the nice walk :-)

Hwasoon Kim said...

beautiful photos...
although I try imagining the street you have walked,
it is a little difficult to get a picture.
however, seeing the photos
I can vaguely smell the air there.


thank you for sharing.

eau de nil said...

a > thank you, so nice to see you here again :) i should get out more!

A > i know - and it's such a luxury with a child, so rare, being alone.

s > dear kim, you always see things in such a positive light, you've cheered me up with your thought!

Am > it's good to know it's not just me, i felt a little silly that i needed to come to terms with that too!

PA > i know exactly what you mean, i look at my arms and think how did she fit so snugly in there :) thank you!

ET > mine too x

l c > yes, it really felt like from one moment to the next!

HK > thank you, it was a long walk through many streets and these are just little random details but for me they always form a whole, the old part of my town that i never tire of. missed you!