i'm clearing out the cupboards
to make room for .  .    .  nothing
just room - and space around 
some essentials
which is all we need i think
for a comfortable life

+ always a branch in some water,
this time from a eucalyptus tree.



la casita said...

indeed...we need room for nothing. I'm de-cluttering my brain these days ;^)
enjoy the process.
always a breathe of fresh air here.
thank you!

Ariane Reichardt said...

Same here, dear Xenia,
but my way seems to be much longer... the goal is space.
Inbetween I come to your airy, beautiful place to gasp for air. I like your branch from a eucalytus tree very much.... love that smell.

xo Ariane.

Patrice A. said...

room for nothing ;^))
i agree
i love to clear out
need space to breath
but my family not Always
agree ;^))

today i bought the first tulips
a little spring inside the house


Anonymous said...


Amélie said...

graceful eucalyptus
dancing away from the water

i wish i have time
to clear out around here too
but time runs away

i imagine your house
in light and grey
in white and space filled by the sun and delicate shadows

shipbuilding said...

...all of the above : )
so beautiful
the thought and the action
I like that we have eucalyptus in common

k x

j said...

Cold, cold cold and always snowing here!
Thank you for the kind birthday wishes and the beautiful images of things that grow.
xo, j

olga inoue said...

just nodding, -
all the things you've said, dear.

Demetris said...

Decluttering, simplicity, minimalism and peace...lovely!