k came back from france/belgium/estonia/england 
and brought us postcards of frozen landscapes,
and wood and linen and wool, 
and chocolate hearts for little greedy eyes :)

one part of me always wants to travel and see, the other
seems content to just bask in the everyday, the little life .  .    .



Anonymous said...

beautiful gifts!
and colors :)

Anonymous said...

what lovely & thoughtful gifts.

I know what you mean about travel versus staying home.

Anonymous said...

i feel the same with traveling but i think sometimes is cool to be out of the comfort zone.

la casita said...

beautiful souvenirs :-)
I always have itchy feet, travelling expand my views, but I know what you mean.

Amélie said...

beautiful images
each one tells a story
probably unique to each of us
fairy tales to me
beautiful presents also

i also always like and want to travel
and always like and want to stay at home enjoying everyday life's treasures.

coco said...

so peaceful here.
happy weekend xenia

Kenza said...

When I come here I breathe. And I smile too.
Thank you.

shipbuilding said...

I know it well
the need to go
the need to stay
k also has a beautiful eye for things

k x

Demetris said...

Simply beautiful! It is comfortable to stay but so exciting to go!

essayessaye said...

beautiful pictures ! I discover your blog

eau de nil said...

thank you all, glad to know i'm not alone :)

e > thank you, so nice to see you here + to discover your beautiful photos of my favourite city in the world. i'll be following . . .

Maxime said...

it`s beautiful! one part of us is always seeking for a new fresh experience through travelling, but another one is glad to be at home, cocooning. you gave us a moment to stay at home and travel at the same time via ces jolis souvenirs.