the ghosts of biscuits past :) 

some scalloped morning sun

a woollen jacket lined with linen for a. from muku
its 's almost moving, how beautifully made it is


the tree-lined avenue that hugs the old city walls

i saw a white wild anemone near a's school today
i didn't have the camera, but it's ok to leave some space for memory too


my mother is 70 today - happy, healthy days, μα!
and thank you for so much.



coco said...

happy 70's birthday to your mom.
and i love your new coat.

la casita said...

happy birthday to your mum.
your images always calm me down!
have a beautiful day xx

vingtseptembre said...

Simplicity <3

Kenza said...

Oh cookie ghosts!
Happy birthday to your maman!

Demetris said...

Happy birthday to Mrs. A! Many happy returns in great health!
What a great display of cookie ghosts...I bet they were delicious!

Amélie said...

aren't you a magician
who knows that poetry is also in cookie ghost?
your soft greys and dark greens are so peaceful
happy birthday to your mum!

olga inoue said...

happy birthday to your mama!,
such a happy day, dear xenia.
sorry, i am late.

and i've been admiring muku
for so long, it suits all the trees
and ghosts here so well,

will finish my letter soon, too

good night to you,

j said...

Happy Birthday to Mom!
You always remind me to stay within the moment.
Such a beautiful arrangement of photos and words,
My lovely poetess!

Anonymous said...

cookies traces look like embroidery :)
χρόνια πολλά για την μαμά σου!

Patrice A. said...

belated happy birthday to your mum!

and your images and thos of alessandra
are THE inspiration for me
all you show is so delicate
always a joy to come here
it makes me feel more light
thank you for that


michelle chamlee said...

Just popping into the comments section to say what a lovely blog you have. Have you any adult Muku pieces? Such a humble line, much like VDJ. I am such a sucker for it.