we lost a dear friend and we grieved him
and we laughed too at the loud, happy memories
and now it's time to pick up, move on
as best we can.

perhaps even celebrate my birthday tomorrow,
though the numbers are growing more and more far-fetched :)

a beautiful week to you, hope you're all well.

[our quiet breakfasts when k is away]


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friend. That makes for a tough birthday. In any case, still happy birthday to you, and I hope you continue to laugh along with grieve for your friend.

WSAKE said...

so sorry for your loss, my dear!

i wish you a happy celebration tomorrow nevertheless!

eau de nil said...

m > thank you, Caitlin. our birthdays were two days apart, often celebrated together, which makes it harder still. but he'd be furious if we moped :)

w > dear Anna, thank you so much, i will do my best!

la casita said...

dear Xenia, not much else i have to say about your loss (you know i'm not good with words).
despite all have a serene birthday as you know he wanted you to have... hope you'll find some peace of mind soon.
a big hug from england.

nicole said...

Oh, so sorry to hear about the passing of your friend. I hope the good memories will fill and heal your heart. I wish you a sweet birthday, softened by the knowledge that he would no doubt want you to!

shipbuilding said...

sending you much love, a hug
and the warmest wishes for your day and the year ahead
may your memories always be happy

k x

Patrice A. said...

so sorry to hear
but good that you laughed too
it helps
and now i am a day late
but still
wishing you a wonderful year!


Anonymous said...

So sorry. It is never easy.
Your images speak of comfort and tenderness. And also light.
Happy birthday! May it be full of all beautiful things.

Amélie said...

this is so sad
grief for your birtday
and happy memories
let the happy memories last for ever
the light in your house
has a magical way to enter
take care dear xenia

Demetris said...

Hello sunshine!
I am so sorry to hear about your loss. We lost our beloved Ruth this month too and after a celebration of her life...we sympathise with picking up and moving on! Have a great year ahead in good health dearest X!

Line+Liv said...

wish you power and love
take care