precious english memories to hold, and now

back home, waiting for the rain to stop
so we can put on our sandals.
and for k to return, again.

hope you've been well 
happy weekend!



essayessaye said...

We're also waiting the rain to stop in Paris :( Happy week-end

olga inoue said...

so good to see - hear you, dear xenia

good night

Amélie said...

how nice, you are back!
with cloudy skies
and the magic light of your house
cloudy skies also are above us

enjoy your return home!

Patrice A. said...

rain, ha!
it feels and looks like autumn
stormy weather here too
but that last image
is promissing ;^))

Patrice A.

Demetris said...

At least you are guaranteed a long warm summer...unlike most of us! Welcome back X!

Anonymous said...

welcome back!
beautiful fotos both!

alessandra taccia said...

welcome back Xenia you were missed!
no sunshine yet here too, though I love the stormy sky.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! (and nice to have you back!)
I hope the rain stopped and that the sandals are on!
Bisous, Kenza.

eau de nil said...

e > i hear it's lovely in Paris now, K rolled up his shirt sleeves outside a cafe today :)

o > and you and your fresh memories, my dear olga.

A > thank you, we barely drew breath and K left, finally we're all regrouping tomorrow night.

P > it was so strange as we had no winter this year and summer was just about to start, then we rewound.

D > yes, but much too hot as you know - and yes, i know you don't mind :)

ET > σ'ευχαριστώ Ευδοκία μου

a c > i love it too, though found it a little disorientating at this time of year. but now it's back to normal.

c > thank you, Kenza, we're almost there!