early morning light 
i remember how we used these weeds to catch butterflies
in the fields next to our houses
to keep in jars and look after them as pets
(ladybirds too, in matchboxes with holes)
children can be cruel without meaning to

"i think sleepy is my favourite 'doudou', mamma"
thank you, dear alessandra, 'she' (didn't you know?) really helps us 
through the night



Anonymous said...

beautiful "doudou" :)
(i quess "doudou" is the pillow?)
wish you a lovely weekend!

michelle chamlee said...

love all the grays.

now, what shoes are you wearing?
(you knew i would ask, right?)

eau de nil said...

ET > it is!

mc > :)
my new Birkis (lots of arch support there . . . )

Amélie said...

your greys are soft as clouds
soft as sweet "doudous"
i love the graceful weeds
... and your shoes :)

alessandra taccia said...

thank you Xenia and little A. it warms my heart!
is that you Xenia wearing my favourite Birkenstock? or is it A?
your images always so soothing...
hugs from England!

Anonymous said...

Oh I just love coming here. Thank you for all this tenderness. The world is in need. Kenza.

michelle chamlee said...

i guessed they were in the "tatami" family,
so i was off by a hair.

eau de nil said...

A > dear Amelie, always just the right words, thank you.

a t > they're mine! a warm hug back to you and thank you over and over.

c > thank you, dear Kenza, it's what i feel and want to express, but it's not always what's happening on the ground. that's when i come over to you, for wisdom :)

mc > and i didn't know about tatami! thanks for letting me know.