i'm not very good
at letting go of last year's shoes
so many ordinary adventures in those scuffs


a small indoor garden growing .  .     .



Patrice A. said...

sweet you
so sorry to hear about salvatore
(love that name)
and totally understand
that you can't let go those shoes
adventures, memories....

Patrice A.

alessandra said...

I'm the same, I have a huge bag full of little shoes I can't let go, too many memories.

cute little garden


Amélie said...

what a charming miniature indoor garden. your house is filled with little visual poems.

i'm the same with elsa's little shoes and clothing (and she also wishes to keep eveything so that she can share all these memories with her own children!)

Anonymous said...

your garden looks lovely!
and i like the grey floor!

Anonymous said...

A poem in images... pink, succulents... one can guess small little white clouds high above. Thank you!

Demetris said...

What a lovely indoor garden!

eau de nil said...

PA, a, A > thank you, i know you understand. i don't keep any except for the very baby ones, the others i think will disintegrate sooner or later so i keep only a photographic record. but it really feels like giving/throwing away that size of little feet, it's a bit harrowing every time!

ET, D > thank you, struggling with high temperatures, and fans drying out leaves and soil, and air cons . . .

c > thank you, dear Kenza, more like deadpan blue from now on until autumn :)

M+ said...

Your words
Your images