k was back in rabat for a few days
a cool breeze was blowing in from the atlantic 
and everybody was playing football . .   .

+ i keep trying to imagine what it must be like
to make a living out of a little blue boat
with a carpet in it.



Anonymous said...

must be difficult
but the boat is beautiful :)
beautiful fotos!
that blue!

olga inoue said...

something new here,
these splashes

wishing all of you a nice
windy weekend, dear

Amélie said...

gorgeous reds and blue
sudden bursts of colours!
i will be dreaming of this boat sailing upon deep blue waters...

alessandra said...

yes, colours are sneaking in here :)

eau de nil said...

> > thank you dear all of you, yes, colours sneak in when k is guesting :)

michelle chamlee said...

I am quite inspired by the color combos of blues and red-oranges here!