rain in june
keeping the hot summer at bay

thank you for all your wishes
it was a fine tea party with millefeuilles + a candle
and we all took turns, grandfather included, 
launching a.'s butterfly 
which was addictive and made everyone giggle 



alessandra taccia said...

oh that magic butterfly!
I can imagine how lovely the party was.

Anonymous said...

tea and millefeuilles! lovely!
much rain here too.
hm... today it hasn't rained yet... weird :)

michelle chamlee said...

the palm trees . . . not so familiar. :-)

Amélie said...

many troubles these days with my computer. i came and went, trying to leave a comment here without success.
hope today will do it!
just a few words to say how much i love cloudy skies
and that the light in you house is always magical.

Demetris said...

What a lovely butterfly! And what a coincidence: I was having fun with one such creature here a few days ago...beautiful!