that peaceful moment i was talking about .   .     .
we've already had a taste of it,
it will come 

and otherwise, it's warm, just right
the late afternoons balmy
and birds are criss-crossing the sky

tomorrow it's my grandfather's 98th birthday
there will be tea and cake :)



WSAKE said...

happy birthday to your grandfather!

your pictures are so calm and peaceful and beautiful... you picture such a wonderful life...

v said...

happy birthday to your grandfather my dear x. i still remember that picture showing his hands that you shared in here quite a while back...something so special and beautiful with hands that have lived a long life.


Demetris said...

Happy birthday and many happy returns to your grandfather dearest X!
Please send me some of the peace and tranquility...looks enticing!

alessandra taccia said...

happy birthday to your grand father!
after peace and quiet here too...
write to you soon. x

Amélie said...

peace and beauty dwell in your home
blessed with a tender light

happy 98th to your grandfather!

Anonymous said...

love everything in the first foto!
a very happy birthday to your grandfather! wow 98 [+3 days :)]!

Patrice A. said...

how could i have missed this post?
happy belated birthday!!!
and yes
those days will com ;^))

Patrice A.