cherries  +  new scuffs  +  ladybird tattoos

we're going back to the sea
a wonderful weekend to you.



Amélie said...

dark blue, dark red ...
cherries in fresh water
summer is here!
enjoy a beautiful sunday by the sea.

alessandra said...

Ah those cherries, they mean summer and childhood to me. And I see they are as they should be, attached with so a child can wear them as earrings. I rarely buy cherries in uk, too expensive and rarely good.
I wish you a good week.

Anonymous said...

the colors!
enjoy the sea!

Patrice A. said...

what a sweet post!
the cherries
the red
the dark hear
her sweet face

enjoy the sea
say hello from me!

Anonymous said...

I came to visit for some beauty and simplicity... and here it is. Thank you. Kenza.

michelle chamlee said...

Couldn't resist buying some cherries the other day after seeing these photos. :-D