k is just back from visiting his family in mauritius

winter is coming to an end over there and
the news is bitter,  sweet.
i miss it all!



Anonymous said...

Love it all! Thank you.
Coming here always brings a smile to my face.

alessandra said...

naturally perfect.
so sorry for the bitter news, glad some sweet news are maybe balancing the hardship. xx

Patrice A. said...

those images
makes me want to travel
to a foreign coast....

so sorry to hear
there is bitter sweet news


Anonymous said...

looks very beautiful there :)

Demetris said...

I hope that the news is more sweet than bitter. Beautiful photos of an island I really miss too and I would love to go back some day. Have a good September X K and A.

Amélie said...

so much beauty... from the other side of the world, where winter ends.
i hope sweet shall overcome bitter.
take care dear xenia.