white bougainvillea flowers from our garden
paper petals filter the light like tiny shoji screens

hoping for an afternoon at the sea
i wish you a good weekend .  .    .



olga inoue said...

you are so right, dear xenia

her petals are like washi paper
i once saw and touched at
our short stay in japan

have a nice weekend, soft week,
for dear a., too

Amélie said...

such beauty in these petals
they glow like snow

i am dreaming of an afternoon at the sea.enjoy your week end dear xenia.

Demetris said...

So pure, so innocent, so white...you gotta love white!

Anonymous said...

i have never seen a white bougainvillea before... it's very pretty :)
i hope you have enjoyed the sea as you wished.
and have a good new week!

michelle chamlee said...

white on white on white on white. :)