by the eastern med .  .    .



Anonymous said...

love the palm trees photo

Metaxi Mas said...

What I would give to be there with you. Beautiful poetry. Again. Thank you.

Amélie said...

dear xenia,
thank you for your kind words
they mean so much

your images here are a beautiful visualpoem
the golden light of september
the beach
the wind
a little girl ...

Demetris said...

Bliss! So jealous...happy for you though!

Anonymous said...

the palm trees are like heads with hair :)
and the leaves trace on the sand so beautiful.
lovely september by the sea! x

michelle chamlee said...

You keep posting photos of the sea and I keep remembering how far away I am from such a thing.

Love that delicate vine impression in the sand.

yukino said...

love the color
no more strong...

Patrice A. said...

almost every day
i come and visit
breathing in those colors
imagening the warmth and
the sound of the sea
but i hadn't commented yet
until today
thank you for sharing your world
it means a lot
to me

Patrice A. said...

sweet you
you once made a mobile for me
and we both dreamed of an online-shop
today i did it
i opened an etsy-shop!


Anonymous said...

Absolument magnifique