slowly - she's embroidering a blanket for her dolls.

we're stranded at home
with the first cold of the season.

hope you're having a fine weekend.



Demetris said...
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Patrice A. said...

i remeber my first embroidery
didn't look as nice as hers ;^))

Demetris said...

What a skillful display! I hope it is cold weather rather than a viral cold...enjoy the weekend too! See you on the 6th December!

Anonymous said...

such a lovely embroidered blanket :)
i am sure the dolls will be very pleased.

eau de nil said...

P > wasn't it good, discovering which end it went in, where it came out?

D > not sure what it was, but it's given us cabin fever :)
looking forward !

e > if it's ever done i think they'll fight among themselves :)

Amélie said...

so delicate!
i love her tiny pretty stiches
i love the dreamy white and light shadows of your photos

hope you'll recover soon.
much love

olga inoue said...

you know, we had just the same piece on our shelf, dear xenia, every child would come and make one row with the different color.. i wonder if anna will cover it all with these lines,

happy to see drawings again,
yours and a.'s,)

and i am still smiling - from you letter

until soon, good night to you