autumn in the country .  .    .

and in town it's come with afternoon rain and thunder and fever 
time to close the windows, turn on the lights, make pumpkin soup :)



Amélie said...

dear xenia,
i've been missing you
and your visual poems

autumn in leaves, light and shades
peace and beauty in your images

i'm dreaming of sharing a pumpkin soup in a white house in cyprus ...

eau de nil said...

A > thank you, my dear amelie, so have i. i know a good recipe, the door is open . . . :)

olga inoue said...

all same here, dear xenia,
excluding thunder. it is mostly yellow-gold

and yes, just like amelie -
miss you,

take care, dear

Anonymous said...

it's so nice, the season changes...
except the fever... hope it went away already :)

yukino said...

beautiful contrast..
red leaves' shades and grey stone road
which, i love but, are not so many in our place.

but leaves are turning into yellow and soon red
here, too.
i enjoyed beautiful sunny autumn weekend
outside in a park...

pumpkin soup, mm...
makes me feel like making it also.

Demetris said...


Patrice A. said...

pumpkin soup is on the menu here too
as is the rain and storm
and the colours
no fever yet
please, keep the fever away!

your images
beautiful as ever
love that color combination


shipbuilding said...

good wishes to you dear xenia
i hope the fever has passed
and you are all well

would you believe it's pumpkin soup here too
typical spring...the weather can't make up it's mind
four seasons in one day
besides...i'm not quite ready to let go of my favourite soup

k xx

eau de nil said...

o i > i love to imagine it . . .

ET > thank you, it went, only to be replaced by something else ; ) oh well, it comes with the season.

y > so good to hear from you, what your autumn is like. i often pass by quietly, it's so peaceful there.

D > ευχαριστούμε, ελπίζω εσύ να μην υπέκυψες!

P > thank you dearest P, i hope it stays out of your home.

s > thank you, now we're eating egg and lemon soup to battle the cold :) miss you, dear kim, best wishes to you.