"mummy, can we make my cake look like we bought it from somewhere?"

7  -  the age of reason .  .       .  



Patrice A. said...

happy birthday!
the cake looks lovely
as does that first image
i wish you a wonderful year!!

Patrice A.

Fête des Gamins said...

Haha... li/ove it ;-)

Anonymous said...

wow that cake is beautiful!

Amélie said...

happy birthday beautiful a!
(with beautiful ribbon-like hair:))
i a very impressed by the cake!(would you share the recipe ?)
the ligh in your images dear xenia is always soft and tender.

Anonymous said...

sweet and happy birthday little a. the cake is very pretty and the decorations too :)
wish you had a beautiful time!

vingtseptembre said...

Her hair ! Your house !
Never bought a cake that looked like this. :)

Demetris said...

I am so sorry I missed such a celebration! The cake looks better than any of the cakes one could buy...and I am sure it tasted so too! Happy birthday A!

alessandra said...

oh way better than bought ones!
happy birthday miss A (the other miss A send you a big hug). xx

Justine said...

Oh no, she didn't say that! Little does she know. She will one day though, when she finds she's a lot like you ;). Happy Bday.

shipbuilding said...

beautiful girl
beautiful cake
wishing you a happy year ahead
sweet miss a!

k x