our autumn has been warm and reluctant
still, i seem to have a hard time keeping up with it

every week a new lentil recipe
this one - from Moro - is with cinnamon and allspice, crushed.


some leftover halloween ghosts
they were lollipops in a previous life .  .    .



Anonymous said...

love that ghost image!

Amélie said...

oh! you lollipop ghosts are the most charming ones ever
dear xenia, you're a magician

lentils with cinnamon and allspices will be tried here too. it sounds nice to warm the coming dark autumn days.

Demetris said...

Love the ghosts Xenia...thank you for bringing back Moro memories...!

Patrice A. said...

those ghosts! ;^))

your post are
always a highlight for me
they cheer me up
when life is gloomy
thanks for that


Tammie Lee said...

lovely images
one and all

olga inoue said...

flying ghost! with the bird shadow

took out my grinding tools recently, too

oh, and for a.) - i found the dragonfly on the cold ground, she was barely moving her feet, and went in the house with her on my palm and she came alive,
shivering, warming up.. flying away!

Anonymous said...

sounds interesting lentils with cinnamon.
cute ghosts :)