a quick new year visit to england
it was happy despite all the odds,
and freezing cold.


today another christmas here at home -
and freezing cold.
now looking forward to some routine .  .    . 

a warm wish for the year to all of you *



Anonymous said...

beautiful ornaments!

eau de nil said...

m > thank you, i made them for A.
i didn't get a chance to work on them but in the end i was pleased with the unintended roughness :)

Anonymous said...

happy 2015!
i love the colors in these two fotos!
lovely ornaments!

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to you too! I just adore coming here for a visit. Thank you! Thank you!

Demetris said...

Happy 2015! Love white...so beautiful!

Amélie said...

happy many christmases!
happy many new years!

thank you for your wintery green bathed with such a tender white light.

shipbuilding said...

yes, beautiful as always
and those ornaments
treasures Miss A will keep forever