intimacy, companionship, consolation
all to be found around a tiny cup of coffee 

and children's laughter momentarily keeping 
the difficult world at bay



Anonymous said...

hard to respond but just want to say, I hear you

eau de nil said...

m > thank you, that's just like all of the above, only without the coffee

Amélie said...

peace and light!
just what all need.
thank you dear xenia

eau de nil said...

A > if only it could heal, my dear Amelie

shipbuilding said...

sending you much love
and if I could
a slice of something
to go with that coffee


Patrice A. said...

i am in with kim
would LOVE to sit around your table
drinking coffee (or tea)
and chat about live and love
Patrice A.

eau de nil said...

s, P A > how i would love to have you both around my table! i would make a little something to go with the tea or coffee but kim is free to bring her gorgeous cookies :)

paula said...

Time is wiser my dear Xenia it brings answers where we cannot see


I've always admired your poetry