ever since she was a little girl, i gave my sister an angel at christmas.
i hope she won't mind this year's handmade version
with a golden rose blooming on her head
( and some heavy eye make-up? )

on her way .    .       .



Amélie said...

this the most charming and poetic version of an angel. An angel with a golden rose, so precious. Beutiful pictures in snow white light.

eau de nil said...

thank you, dear Amelie
and a peaceful night to you
(will we see the washi stars?)

Nxxx said...

This beautiful angel is for me??!
I can't wait to find its place!
You always make me feel like I'm still "that" little girl!!!
Thank you my dearest sister! Thank you for making me feel all warm inside!

Demetris said...

So gracious!

Audrey Sotin said...

Lovely ^^

j said...

I have been a way for a while
and have missed your gentle world
the angel is lovely
hope you and a. are well
xo, j

Anonymous said...

so lucky sister :)
this angel is so beautiful!

Raincloud said...

It will be pleasure to have something sooo beautiful made by you, at my home :) Thank you for lovely upcoming gift!

Line+Liv said...

... amazing little angel ! wove Wiebke