bright sun pinned against the sky
but i've been craving snowflakes
so i made some indoor ones
by pressing my grandmother's crochet bedcover
into clay


do you remember these + these? vibeke is giving one away
on her advent calendar, if you'd like to join.

wishing you a beautiful week!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful snowflakes!

Metaxi Mas said...

These snowflakes are the best kind. You captured the poetics of winter.

yukino said...

this is so beautiful...

and wonderful idea to keep your
loving things.
your grandmother is a great knitter.

Anonymous said...

beautiful snowflakes you made there!

and waiting for the giveaway results! :)

Nata said...

These are so amazingly lovely. The family heirloom quality about them make them all the more special. Love.

Amélie said...

This is such a beautiful and poetic idea. Longing for snow, we also made our own snowflakes, washi paper and watercolour, covering the windows ...

Chapter 9 said...

hello :)

just found you from vibeke's lovely blog (I'm keeping my fingers crossed!) - your garlands are so beautiful, & now these snowflakes!

beautiful blog :)

Demetris said...

You are a genius! Love the traditional snowflakes. You have a great week ahead too!

Nxxx said...

They are soooo beautiful! When I saw them at first I wondered what was going on - did she rip our grandmother's quilt apart? But stencil it?? WOW!!
You are unique my darling sister!
All my love Nxxx

Audrey Sotin said...

This is beautiful ^^

eau de nil said...

so happy you like them, thank you so much, all!

Nx > you made me laugh + i needed to!

olga inoue said...

i love the way
you make things,
and these are so special -
like remembering the smell
of favorite flower somewhere
outside the gardens,

and the skies! yes, dear xenia
right from my window,
the road is loud and wide
but sky is always clear

good night to you