a happy discovery on the web 


a. brought her first ever report home yesterday:

' .    .     .  timid but determined .    .     . '

' .    .    .   her vocabulary is vast! '

' she loves story time and will happily remind others that we need to be quiet so that everyone can hear'

there is also the little volcano temper issue, but at least she is returning to her 'lovely self' a bit more quickly than before. 

it's just so hard to believe she'll soon be graduating from nursery school .   .     .



Amélie said...

aren't they growing too fast? ...it was two years ago, and seems ages.
i enjoy everyday with her growing up, and miss every day gone.

beautiful discovery of the japanese link.

justine said...


And love the report card comments.

j said...

Cool discovery!
Volcanos may be difficult to harness but the brightest flowers grow on their slopes!
xo, j

olga inoue said...

and 'timid but determined' sounds
so japanese to me

Patrice A. said...

i love that little girl
of you
vulcano temper
i know about that!
after this summer
my youngest will got tp
secondary school
a new path....


eau de nil said...

A > exactly. this metamorphosis before our eyes, the heart can barely keep up.

j > the report is very detailed, down to how she knows when + how to wash her hands + use antiseptic gel :)

j > you always find the silver lining - what a beautiful image. thank you, it helps to think of that!

o > yes, i'd so like to think so, and maybe one day she might find her way down from the volcano :)

p > it helps so much to know one is not alone . . .