porcelain reminders of
a little pilgrimage to le petit atelier de paris 
i didn't take any photographs
it felt almost wrong to disturb such peace

'the most magical shop in france?'
without a doubt.



j said...

What exquisite reminders from such a beautiful place.
I needed that bit of loveliness today.
Thanks for the link too!
xo, j

. said...

I love all the things they do and indeed it's seems a magical place!
bonne weekend Xenia x

Patrice A. said...

that sweet little house
i also saw
at alessandra's blog
now i am curious
to that shop
longing for Paris....

fine weekend!

Amélie said...

thank you for the discovery of this charming shop!
love the golden stones and white wall. Is it in your house ?

justine said...


eau de nil said...

A > you will love the shop, the candle light, the atmosphere. yes, this is in our house, part of a stone arch

coco said...

xenia i was thinking of you tonight and just saw your message. how nice to hear from you.

i was touched by your mother's story on stitching. thank so much
for sharing it. i will keep that sweet story in mind.